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Herbalhills Imunohills Kit For Low Immunity With Tulsi & Amla

By HerbalHills

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Herbalhills Imunohills Kit For Low Immunity With Tulsi & Amla

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Pack Type Box Pack
Package Content 3 Plastic Bottles
Usage / Expiry 6 Months
Additional Information Not Applicable

Benefits, Dosage, Indications, Side Effects, Composition, Ingredients

The Imunohills Kit For Immunity consists of the following 3 products:

1. Herbalhills Imunohills - Imunohills soft capsule is a powerful combination of several herbs which exhibit immense medicinal value against many diseases, increases immunity power. Amla rejuvenates the body, enhances longevity & delays sign of ageing. It is a great anti-oxidant & detoxifier. Guduchi (Gulvel) is a great Rasayana herb which improves body's resistance power & is a powerful immunity booster. Gokshura is a fantastic herb with healing properties & a broad range of actions like detoxification through urinary system. Helps in detoxification of the body. Supports healthy Immune system. Supports anti-ageing. Helps energizing the body. Processed by the method of SIDDHA GHRUTA in Cow Milk Go-ghruta (Clarified butter). Quantity: 30 Softgels (500 mg each).

2. Herbalhills Tulsi - Tulsi (Holy Basil) is a reincarnation of God as an herb for saving mankind from sufferings and miseries. Holy Basil may be beneficial in respiratory tract infections because it is considered to have anti inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-allergic properties. As it is said to have anti-oxidant properties, it may be used as a wonderful tonic for humans. Helps maintain a strong immune system. Helps to delay age related changes. Quantity: 60 Tablets (400 mg each). 7% Tannins, 0.5% Urosolic Acid.

3. Herbalhills Amla - Each capsule contains 175 mg Amla Powder and 250 mg of extract (as dry extract) from Amla Fruit (Emblica officinalis) (4:1) (equivalent to 1000 mg of Amla Fruit. When assayed these capsules contain Tannin NLT 28%). In Ayurvedic herbalism for thousands of years, Amla has been historically used as a ‘rasayana’ (rejuvenative) to promote longevity, support digestion, heart health, healthy vision, hair growth and to rejuvenate the body. Amla has active ingredient tannins unique to Amla that can help, support and modulate immune function. This has been backed up with numerous modern scientific studies demonstrating the positive effect of its component herb to provide strong antioxidant protection from free radical damage and help support the immune system and healthy aging.

Herbalhills Imunohills Kit Dosage:
Take 2 Imunohills Capsules once a day. Take 1 capsule each of Tulsihills & Amlahills twice a day or as directed by the physician. For better results it should be taken with warm water.

Herbalhills Imunohills Kit Caution:
Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume Herbal Products under advise of the Healthcare Practitioner. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight.